Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great Indoors.

Yet another wet day in Bloomington. I braved the rain to go to the public library and see what I could find at their used bookstore. I was looking for old magazines to make some mood-boards for spring/summer. In the midst of my search, I also found an unintentionally hilarious how-to book on macrame and some old 45s which I plan to use as decor in my room at home. I particularly like one of the album covers--it's wordless with a picture of a cowboy in a pasture on it. 

As for the mood-boards, below is what I came up with. I went with a retro feel--with vague references to the 70s. I'm trying to get myself thinking about pieces I can pair with my new big purchase that I mentioned yesterday (which I will reveal when it comes in the mail!).

A note about mood-boards first: With sites like Polyvore and Pinterest, and programs like Photoshop, it's so easy to construct a digital collage in fifteen minutes or less. However, I still prefer to do them the old-fashioned way--with scissors, glue, catalogs, magazines, newspapers, books, and the like. Here's what I came up with and scanned in:



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